NFL Tom Brady jerseys

NFL Tom Brady is in Michael Jordan phase now, and every game is worth watching


△Jordan & Tom Brady

Tom Brady climbed to the top of the NFL jerseys mountain, just like Michael Jordan played in the NBA in his era, and made outstanding contributions to the visual appreciation of fans. Tom Brady’s experience in football makes seeing him play now more than anything.

He finished the season leading the league in passing yards and touchdowns at age 44. When Brady announced his retirement this year, some people were excited about the decision, fans cheering Brady’s retirement from fans who had beaten their teams multiple times or simply disliked him.

However, Tom Brady’s retirement lasted only about 40 days, having watched United’s home game against Tottenham the day before, in which Ronaldo scored a hat-trick for the team’s victory. Brady haters were shocked when Tom Brady posted on social media the next day that he was continuing his 23rd season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.