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The Spaniard has been sacked by Arsenal and cheap soccer jerseys online, but he has once again proved himself a strategist in the Champions League this season. Liverpool are favourites to beat Villarreal, but they face consecutive cup winners Unai Emery, who upset Bayern Munich and Juventus on his way here. “They have probably the most successful cup coach in world football, so he knows what he’s doing,” warned Liverpool coach Klopp, fully aware of the quality of his opponents.

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“Emery is the king of the cup. What he does is unbelievable.” The Basque coach led Sevilla to the Europa League three years in a row between 2014 and 2016, and last season he led Villarreal claimed the honour, having led Arsenal to a Europa League runner-up finish in 2019. Emery also won the French Cup and French Cup respectively during his time at Paris Saint-Germain. In domestic competition, Emery led Paris to the Ligue 1 title in Official soccer fan jerseys, but otherwise he has not had the same success in other leagues, and he has become a cup specialist. One reason is simple – desire. Especially in Sevilla and Villarreal, the value of the Europa League seems to be higher than other clubs. It’s a tournament Emery and his team want to win, and elsewhere it’s sometimes seen as less of a priority.

“I’m in love with the Europa League,” Emery admitted, although now he has his sights set on a higher goal. He said a conversation in 2013 with Sevilla’s then-president Jose-Maria del Nido changed his mind. “I told him the goal was to get to the Champions League, as I did at Valencia,” Buy Cheap Soccer Jerseys. “He asked me if I had won any trophies, if I had celebrated championships, and now I understand why he said that to me.” Although some teams will choose to play their best lineup at home on the weekend and then rotate in European competitions , but for this year’s Villarreal, the opposite was true.

With no league title and top four, Villarreal’s all hope of honor is pinned on the cup. In Munich’s 1-1 second-leg draw with Bayern, none of the starting line-up chosen by Unai Emery had started in the La Liga game against Athletic Bilbao four days earlier. The Yellow Submarines, Sevilla and Arsenal are all capable of one-off confrontations with bigger, stronger opponents, but over the course of the season they are bound to line up with giants like Barcelona and Real Madrid, or Liverpool and Manchester City after.

Villarreal are seventh in La Liga this season and have had their ups and downs but forced Chelsea to penalties in the UEFA Super Cup, drawing 2-2 with Atletico Madrid twice, 0-0 draw with Real Madrid. With a strong focus on individual performance, Villarreal are capable of taking on any team. Much of this is due to Emery’s attention to tactical detail. “We have Unai Emery as the leader and he always comes up with a master plan,” striker Danjuma told the Guardian. “When you play against Juventus away, you know that if you don’t concede a goal, they’ll get a little impatient. We knew there was a chance. That’s what happened and what Unai Emery predicted.”

“He works for me every day and I have a lot of conversations with him about how to make myself better. He’s a strategist.” It shows how much trust the team has in their coach, he’s at Arsenal Neither Paris nor Paris has received that credit for a number of reasons, including language issues. “I think the era of a manager at a club doesn’t end when they don’t win titles, but when the team no longer believes in him,” Emery said in 2016.

The 50-year-old is keen to give his players all the weapons at their disposal, including information about opponents and tactical approaches to specific games. While focus may be waning in a league spanning 38 weeks, the one-off nature of cup competitions, where anything can happen, is a big plus for watching the video provided by Emery and his staff and preparing as diligently as possible. incentive. “I’m sure that whatever could happen to Villarreal in the final, wholesale Soccer Jerseys Emery has already predicted,” said former Sevilla defender Koke, who won the Europa League last season in Villarreal’s win over Manchester United later told The Sun.

“He studies every detail on the video and then he brings it to the pitch.” As a player, Emery loves the sport, but is also terrified. “I was stressed, I was a little timid,” he admits in “The Winner Mindset.” Now, as a coach, his preparation has him working until the wee hours, covering every detail, so nothing can Surprised or scared. While at Sevilla, the coach and his staff watched their team’s games four times, replica soccer jerseys and now he is no exception. “The more information you have, the better you can make decisions,” Emery added at the launch of his book. “I believe it’s more important than experience, because what worked for you before may not work for you now.”

However, despite all his cup successes, there is one major failure in Unai Emery’s CV – a historic 6-1 loss at Camp Nou that led to his PSG in 2017 They were knocked out of the Champions League in 2008, although they won 4-0 in the first leg. “From that game, the only thing I want to change is the referee’s decision,” Emery said in 2020, still saddened by the reversal that year, and this season he has a chance to heal. Today his players aren’t as star-studded as he was in Paris, but they seem more determined to stick to his plan. And that’s exactly what he needs. He watched and analysed 17 United games ahead of last season’s Europa League final, and he will do the same ahead of his trip to Anfield in the early hours of tomorrow. Even just watching Liverpool’s final game against Everton, Emery can glean a wealth of information for his players to set them up for success.