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Stassi is on the disabled list in an emergency lacking two Angels catchers, The Angels have added Max Stassi, a regular catcher, to the disabled list. Since the reason has not been announced, it seems that it is a withdrawal related to the new coronavirus. In the same way, cheap MLB jerseys the Angels have left the battlefield with the second catcher Kurt Suzuki, mlb jerseys replica and it is an emergency situation lacking the two main catchers registered in the opening roster. Chad Wallac was promoted to major when Suzuki left, but Austin Romine has been promoted to major with Stassi’s departure.

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This season’s Angels have been using both Stassi and Suzuki since the opening. Stassi has played 19 games so far and has a batting average of .200, 3 home runs, 8 RBIs and OPS.642. Suzuki, on the other hand, has played in 12 games with a batting average of .179, 1 home run, 4 RBIs and OPS. cheap mlb jerseys china . Wallac, who was promoted when Suzuki left, made his major debut in 2017 with the Reds. He has played for the Marlins from 2018 to 21 and this season is his sixth major year. He has played 20 games in the AAA class with a batting average of .250, 2 home runs, 14 RBIs and OPS.804.

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He made his Angels debut against the Rays on May 10th, making him the fifth major parent-child leaguer in the history of the team (his father Tim played for the Angels in 1996). Romine is also known in Japan as a catcher who teamed up with Masahiro Tanaka during the Yankees era, and after playing for the Yankees for eight years, he played 37 games in the Tigers in 2020 and 28 games in the Cubs last season.

He joined the Angels with a minor contract this season MLB Jerseys on Sale and has played eight AAA-class games with a batting average of .286, 1 home run, 3 RBIs and OPS.784. His older brother Andrew, who retired only last season, played for the Angels in 2010-13, and it is possible that a brother major leaguer will be born following the parent and child major leaguer (Worak).

The Angels have been in good shape since the opening and are at the top of the district. Until Stassi and Suzuki return, they will fight with a combination of 30-year-old Wallac and 33-year-old Romine.